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20 May
Layered security for enterprise

Prepare Your Business for the Next Wave of Cyberattacks

Many SMBs believe they are either too small to be targeted by hackers or that their conventional security measures — antivirus and firewall — offer sufficient protection. In reality, no one is completely safe. The methods and tools used by today’s cybercriminals are constantly evolving to keep pace with new security measures. Now, businesses affected […]

20 May

ZYXEL Awards in 2018

iDomiX, Germany 01-13-2018 Zyxel Multy X: “Powerful WiFi with the Multy X. Exactly, a WiFi for the whole living space and the garden.”   Techzine, Netherlands 01-22-2018 Zyxel Multy X: “A very powerful system”   PC Pro, UK 02-11-2018 Zyxel Multy X: “Delivers both lightning fast WiFi and impressively wide coverage for a reasonable price” […]

20 May

ZYXEL NWA5123-AC HD Dual-Band 3×3 Wireless Access Point

ZYXEL Communications has been around for more than a couple of decades, managing to become one of the main suppliers of networking products in the world (both wired and wireless) and successfully branching towards Europe, North America and Asia. Of course, my main focus is not really towards its top-tier corporate devices, but on the […]

07 May

VPN Firewall

ZyWALL VPN50/100/300 In order to meet strategic needs, enterprises or their affiliates need complete yet cost-effective VPN solutions to span across two or more remote sites or connect multiple VPNs while protecting data security network from threats. Specially designed for various VPN applications, Zyxel’s ZyWALL VPN50/100/300 comply with GDPR regulations and features a robust VPN […]

28 Apr
ransomware attack

Defend Your Data from Ransomware Attack

Imagine you are working late one night when an alarming message pops up on your computer screen. It says someone has taken control of your entire network and you no longer have access to any of your critical files, financial records, or confidential client accounts — unless you pay a fee. You have just become […]

26 Apr

4 Cybersecurity Trends in 2018

2017 was a tough year for businesses battling security threats. Cybercriminals showed no sign of curtailing their nefarious efforts as they launched progressively sophisticated attempts to access systems, lock down data, and force individuals and institutions to do their bidding. In this increasingly dangerous and rapidly changing environment, here are some things you should be […]

14 Jan

Getting Your Backhaul Network 10GE Ready

With continued capacity growth, networks are often exceeding the capacity of a 1GE interface and having to deal with the interface’s limitations by adding multiple GE interfaces.  This is driving the adoption of 10Gigabit Ethernet interfaces in the backhaul network—something that has already started in the core—and now is moving out to the edge of […]

14 Jan

Entel and Cisco Jasper to Enable IoT Services for Businesses Throughout Chile

Companies Across Industries Can Leverage IoT to Deliver New Services to Customers Santiago, Chile, and San Jose, CA – Businesses throughout Chile will be able to leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) to deliver new revenue-generating services, thanks to Entel Chile and Cisco. Entel, Chile’s largest telecommunications company, has selected the Cisco Jasper® Control Center […]

14 Jan

Zyxel introduces premium switch series for bandwidth-sensitive deployments

Stackable Layer 3 managed switch with 10G uplink to prepare businesses for the 802.11ac boom Hsinchu Taiwan, January 9, 2016 – Zyxel Communications announces today the availability of the XGS4600 Series, as an upgrade from the current XGS4500 Series. The XGS4600 Series is a premium line of 28-port Gigabit Layer 3 Managed switches with 4 […]

22 Nov

A Powerful Platform to Drive Smart Outcomes in Cities

Cisco is not only one of the first organizations to have discerned the trends leading to the need for “smart city” strategies, it is also uniquely prepared to provide the smart solutions to city challenges. Cisco comes at smart cities, infrastructure up, building on its three decades of rock-solid networking expertise, a decade of focused […]