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Our Services

Delsa offers a wide range of services to its customers, and also is capable of providing technical support both in infrastructure and application management layer of networks, 24/7. It also proposes professional services to develop and implement infrastructural operations and transition of management solutions in services, time, and budget with agreed standards.
Above all, Delsa’s objective is to comprehend the issues and to provide a proper innovative solution for each one.
What follows are some of our services:
• Provide equipment for telecommunications, infrastructures, banks, provincial governments, large organizations such as Social Security Organization, Ministry of Petroleum and its subsidiaries.
• Provide Cisco equipment for infrastructure layer integration.
• Provide wireless equipment.
• Provide computer networking equipment.
• Provide Solutions for SOHO and SMB customers.
• Do various turnkey projects.
• Holding various intermediate to advanced courses in access and aggregate layer.
• Provide support and maintenance services with the highest level of quality.
• Participation in national and international exhibitions to present cutting-edge technology.