4Technology Trends Shaping Your Client’s Future

/ 30 سپتامبر 15

4 Technology Trends Shaping Your Client’s Future

As with big enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) require increased network security, virtualization options, and the ability to accommodate mobile devices on their networks. The following are key sales strategies geared toward the four latest technology trends that you and your customers can’t afford to miss out on.

Take Advantage of the Internet of Things
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a phenomenon that continues to take shape. This new frontier of connected devices throughout the home and work place opens near-limitless possibilities for IT service providers. To keep up with developments in software, applications, and the proliferation of connected devices, SMB customers will face steep hardware upgrade cycles. As new types of connected devices hit the market, clients will require guidance to meet the demands placed on their networks. Just as one does not expect a five-year-old mobile phone to run the latest apps, yesterday’s network hardware will be similarly handicapped when tackling complex tasks like virtualization, cloud-based services, and multi-device connectivity. This is the perfect time to target clients for a hardware refresh to meet the challenges on the horizon, reduce unexpected expenses, and keep pace with their competition.

Limit Client Costs through Virtualization
Larger enterprises learned early on through established technology that virtualization would help them to control costs by limiting hardware requirements, thereby reducing upgrade expenses. The same strategy can be applied SMB clients, as well. ZyXEL’s switch and NAS solutions provide SMBs with a fast network and a high-performance storage solution while simplifying management and overall security.

Get Their Heads in the Cloud
In addition to offering a cost and scalability advantage, cloud computing levels the playing field for your customers, providing them with the same IT advantages as larger enterprises. The message to communicate: overcome the barriers to top-notch IT environments by taking advantage of the cloud, and move up to the big leagues with ZyXEL services and products.

Prepare Customers for a New Security Environment
In today’s changing network landscape, your customers need all the help they can get in locating and implementing robust security solutions. Not only do they require more protection than ever, they need professional guidance to upgrade security measures and stay on top of the evolving threats posed by malicious software and cyber-attacks. And to better service their clients, IT service professionals must also be vigilant, keeping up-to-date with new security standards and products designed to protect sensitive information on business networks.