Alternative access via 3G/4G connections

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Mobile Access

ZyXEL DSL customer premises equipment (CPE) provides users with the ability to connect  wirelessly to 3G/4G mobile broadband networks in the event of a DSL outage. If, for any reason, the broadband connection should fail, Internet traffic will be temporarily routed through a 3G/4G dongle, which can be plugged into any USB port on the gateway. 

When the regular broadband service becomes available again, all traffic will be switched back to the DSL connection – automatically and without any user intervention.
As well as providing fail-over backup for the broadband line, using a 3G/4G dongle provides a way to get instant Internet access when users are away from their home or office.

Compatibility is assured as regular updates and patches for gateways are made available on ZyXEL’s global web site, so users can always find out quickly if their dongle is supported and simply download the appropriate patch file to enable access to mobile broadband services immediately. They can do this without having to completely upgrade the firmware, so it is fast, easy and convenient.

Key Benefits
One device for instant access on DSL and fibre connections

By providing a dongle that enables connection to 3G/4G, you have an immediate fail-over option in case the broadband line become unavailable, ensuring maximum uptime and minimum inconvenience. For new customers, it also provides instant access before the line has been activated for DSL or fibre connection, so it’s a simple and convenient solution for everyone. ZyXEL’s latest generation CPEs provide a connection to fiber terminal through an Ethernet WAN interface, so there is no need for service providers to offer two options– a single CPE will cater for DSL and FTTx connections, which means easier management and reduced costs.

Quickly and easy download of upgrade patches

Users can download the latest patch for their dongle from ZyXEL’s global website at any time. An easy-to-use graphical user interface make is very quick and easy to find the right option. Firmware is unaffected by these regular patches, which means that performance will remain consistent and users don’t need to wait for scheduled updates to ensure their device is ready to connect at any time, fully secure and capable of accessing all mobile services.
Customized patches for new services
ZyXEL will quickly identify mobile services that service providers and customers would like to see supported on ZyXEL CPE. ZyXEL will make best efforts to add appropriate updates as soon as possible. If there are services you would like to see supported, please let your ZyXEL customer service team know. ZyXEL engineering team will perform the necessary work and, after validating and testing, release a patch for download from the website
Compatible Models

ZyXEL models compatible with this feature:

For Service Providers:
VMG1312-B 30A

For SMB:
SBG3500-N series
USG 60W/60/40W/40
USG 310/210/110
USG 1900/1100

USB Dongle List
Please check the list below or go to the ZyXEL Download Library to see if your 3G/4G dongle is supported.

Note: If you can’t find your dongle from the list, please contact ZyXEL’s Customer Service for help. Your email, 3G dongles’ brand, model, and relative information of the dongle may be needed.