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Delsa at a glance

Established in year 2000, Delsa has been the exclusive partner of ZYXEL in Iran and Middle East since 2007. In addition, Delsa continues its presence in the Iranian IT market as the official partner of MikroTik and DragonWave and as one of the main distributors of Cisco and HP products.

Currently Delsa has 60 sales partners and 25 after sales service centers in the country.

What follows are some of the main activities of Delsa, as one of the most accredited companies in the field of Internet access, telecommunication and network infrastructure:

  • Sales and installation of more than 1,500,000 ports of the access layer equipment, in 23 provincial Telecommunication Companies of Iran
  • Sales and installation of more than 1,600,000 ports of the access layer equipment to the FCP companies
  • Holding numerous advanced ZYXEL educational courses in partnership with Telecommunication Company of Iran
  • Installation of over 30,000 PTP wireless links throughout Iran
  • Participation in the “National Internet Campaign” sponsored by Telecommunication Company of Iran
  • Contribution to provide Internet access for over 2500 villages under USO project
  • Provide core layer equipment for various ministries, provincial telecommunication companies, governmental and private sectors, banks, FCPs, municipalities and other institutions
  • Deployment of over 200 microwave links throughout the country, and direct cooperation with the top mobile and telecommunication providers
  • Knowledge transfer in all of the fields, and for all of the products
  • Providing backhaul solutions for mobile operators
  • Providing Wi-Fi Offloading solutions
  • One of the main Cisco equipment distributors in Iran
  • One of the main wireless equipment distributors in Iran
  • Participation in a variety of major projects with presenting suitable solutions, using a team of over 100 experienced specialists in software and networking fields.


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