HD Media Streaming

/ 27 سپتامبر 15

HD media Streaming


Home users are becoming more reliant on getting connected with personal media contents, and you can choose ZyXEL as the center of your media-rich home network. ZyXEL offers top-of-the-line solutions for all your home network needs: no matter it’s the latest Wi-Fi or Powerline technology, you’ll get your digital media moving from one place to another seamlessly and quickly!

Wireless HD Solution

Experience fast and reliable HD networking on your latest mobile devices with ZyXEL’s HD wireless solution. Powered with the latest 802.11ac technology, ZyXEL’s HD wireless solution can deliver smooth HD playback for all you mobile wireless devices.

Powerline HD Solution

Got wired streaming media devices, video game consoles, or a set top box and do not have wireless connectivity available to them? Get ZyXEL’s Powerline HD solution to connect them online. Empowered with HomePlug AV2 technology, playback HD video contents smoothly and play online games without lag. Powerline is a plug and play setup, allowing you to get connected fast and without the hassle of rewiring your home!