Universal All-Outodoor Packet Radio




NEC’s new outdoor unit embodies its worldwide reputation for high performance and reliability whilst at the same time acknowledging recent trends for smaller form factor and zero foot print equipment.

Conventional All outdoor radio (AOR) systems loose some functionalities in order to achieve the smaller form factor, that results in the need for additional peripheral equipment like L2 switch and PoE in order to maintain necessary functionalities. 
iPASOLINK iX overcomes the need for additional peripheral equipment and each small aesthetic chassis accommodates all necessary features and functionalities to provide operators with operationally ready equipment for quick and easy implementation.


High environmental responsiveness

  • The same highest perfomances is demonstrated in various environments, such as cities, coutries, a mountain ranges, desert, islands, and a damp areas

Reducing CAPEX and OPEX

  • Easy installation and quick deployment by all outdoor configuration including all peripheral devices decrease CAPEX, and OPEX decreases due to no requirement of air conditioner system.


  • High modulation scheme like 2048QAM can make rooms the transmission capacity even the same conventional transmission distance.

High reliability

  • The high link reliability due to high system gain combined with low failure rate generates peerless total high system reliability.

Non-blocking carrier class switch

  • High performance carrier class non-blocking switch realize perfect transmission efficiency.

Flexible system compatibility

  • iPASOLINK iX is flexible programmable scalable in order to apply MPLS-TP, IP/MPLS, SDN and OPEN FLOW network architecture.

Link compatibility to iPASOLINK series

  • iPASOLINK iX and iPASOLINK series compatibility allows the effective usage of existing equipment.

Free RF band selection

  • This flexible composition of iPASOLINK iX allows system configuration changes or network configuration changes without a hassle.

Free Radio configuration (1+0/1+1 HS/1+1 SD/1+1FD/CCDP(XPIC))

  • Various system configurations are possible using same MDU and ODU. The future network system can be built on the novel idea which sweeps away the conventional AOR concept.


Frequency Band

  • 6/7/8/10/11/13/15/18/23/26/28/32/38/42 GHz