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IES4105 Series

2U 5-slot Temperature-Hardened MSAN

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24port Temperature-Hardened VDSL2 Box DSLAM

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IES-6000 Series

12.5U 17-slot Chassis MSAN

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IES-5112 Series

8U 12-slot Chassis MSAN

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IES-5106 Series

5U 6-slot Chassis MSAN

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IES4005 Series

2U Temperature-Hardened 5-slot Chassis Remote MSAN

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48port Remote MSAN for ADSL and VoIP Services

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IES-1248-5x/IES-1248-5xA Series

48port Temperature-Hardened ADSL2+ Box DSLAM

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IES-1000 Series

1U 2-slot Remote MSAN and Line Cards

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